What separates you from other photographers? Why should I choose you?
Simply put, I am good at what I do. Anyone can pick up a DSLR camera and start shooting. What differentiates a hobbyist from a professional, is the quality of the final image. Have you ever taken a photograph only to be disappointed about a “blemish” on your skin? Perhaps the image wasn’t well lit, maybe you have a tattoo that you regret.  I can edit your image to any specification. Your final image will be as flawless as you require.

I just wanted a simple headshot. Do you do that?
Yes! I can do anything as simple as a head-shot to as complex as a photo manipulation. Please send an inquiry with your idea and I will send you pricing.

Your website mentions Philadelphia and Baltimore. Are these the only areas you cover? 
No. I am a traveling photographer and can go to any city/state. Please inquire regarding pricing.

How long does a session last?
It really depends on the package you select and whether or not hair and make-up will be provided. For basic head-shots with no hair or makeup, this session would last approximately 45 minutes. If it’s for boudoir where hair and makeup is provided, the entire session will be 2 hours roughly.

Will my images be posted online?
Images are posted for promotional purposes at photographers discretion and only with the clients approval.