Behind The Scenes

27 Oct 2014

Photo Manipulations Vs Backdrops

One of the many challenges a photographer faces is setting up themes and looking for new places to shoot. Cost, weather, location – there are so many factors... (more)

17 Oct 2014

Big hair Don’t Care

First of all, I have to say that I LOVE big hair and I love that her hair takes up almost the whole frame of this image. While... (more)

13 Oct 2014

New Maryland Photography Studio

As you know, I am a traveling photographer. This means I work out of several studios in various states (New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, DC, and Virginia. We’ve... (more)

13 Sep 2014

Photo Manipulation High Speed Video

Enchanted Forrest Photo Manipulation I did. This is a high-speed video showing the in-depth editing process.

13 Sep 2014

High Speed Video Vintage Style Retouching

This is a high-speed video showing how I edit an image into a black and white vintage style.

13 Sep 2014

How-To Skin Retouching Video

A how-to tutorial for photographers. This video covers color correction and skin retouching/smoothing.